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Outdoor metal sculpture for decor for customer Saudi Arabia

Finish:High Polished
Size: 255*150*700
MOQ:1 Piece
Production Time:40-45 Days
Delivery Time:15-30 Days
Advantage:Factory Direct;Door to Door Delivery


In March 2017, we received an inquiry from Saudi Arabia, and the client is very interested in our stainless steel sculpture.

Outdoor metal sculpture for decor
Outdoor metal sculpture for decor

Customer wants a stainless steel sculpture. But this sculpture not only needs polish but also high polish. This outdoor stainless steel high-polished sculpture height of 10 meters. The overall shape is like a vibrant date palm tree.


The center of Saudi Arabia emblem is a date palm tree. The date palm tree is a green plant growing in the desert. It plays an extremely important role in the desert nomads and is a symbol of desert oasis.Saudi Arabia, which accounts for more than half of the country’s territory in the desert, views tall, tall date palm trees as a symbol of the country. The root of the date palm tree is the two crossed Arab gold knives, reflecting the firm conviction that the people defend the country’s independence and religious beliefs


Finally we finished the Large metal sculpture with a high respect. In order to protect the integrity of the sculpture we bought all the insurance for our customers. Customer received the high-polished stainless steel sculpture very satisfied